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Bonfire Night and Firework Safety 

Follow these few simple tips for a safer bonfire night 
The majority of firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties. 
Around half of all injuries are to children under the age of 17. 
Only buy fireworks that comply with British Standard 7114 or its European equivalent. 
Always keep a bucket of water or a hose ready for emergencies 
Don’t go near a fire work once it has been lit 
Don’t go near a firework even after it has gone off 
Don’t use sparklers without wearing gloves 
Don’t give sparklers to under 5’s 
Don’t drink alcohol if you are responsible for lighting fireworks 
Don’t put fireworks in your pocket 
Don’t throw fireworks 
Keep fireworks in a closed box 
Follow the instructions on each firework 
Direct fireworks away from spectators 
Light fireworks at arm's length 
Stand well back from the fireworks 
Stand well back from the bonfire 
Supervise children around fireworks 
Keep pets indoors 
Sparkler Safety 
Find some where nice and open, away from other people and objects 
Remember to wear gloves 
Light the sparkler while the child or person is holding the base of the stick 
Only light one at a time 
Hold the sparkler horizontally and as far away from the face and body as possible 
Once you have finished with the sparkler place it slowly in a bucket filled with cold water 
Never touch the end of a sparkler even long after it has gone out 
Keep warm, it’s pretty chilly in November when you are standing around in the cold. Remember Coats, Hats and gloves especially for little ones. 
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