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Bleeding Control 

Bleeding Control 
The information below is no replacement for attending a first aid course where you will have the opportunity to practice your skills under the guidance of one of our qualified and experienced first aid instructors. 
Treatment of bleeding 
The aims of treatment for bleeding are firstly to stop the bleeding, preventing the casualty from going into shock and then to prevent infection. 
Sit or lay - Sit or lay the casualty down. Place them in a position that is appropriate to the location of the wound and the extent of their bleeding. 
Examine - Examine the wound. Look for foreign objects, and note how the wound is bleeding. Remember what it looks like, so you can describe it to medical staff when its covered with a bandage. 
Elevate - Elevate the wound. Ensure the wound is above the level of the heart, using gravity to reduce the blood flow to the injury. 
Pressure - Apply direct pressure over the wound with a sterile dressing (bandage) to stem the bleeding. If there is an embedded object in the wound, you may be able to apply pressure at either side of the object. 
If blood seeps through the first dressing, then apply a second dressing directly over the top of the first one. 
Monitor the casualtys condition and contact the emergency services by calling 999 or 112. 
Be prepared to treat the casualty for shock 
Always wear protective gloves when dealing with wounds and bleeding. 
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