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Anaphylaxis - Severe Allergic Reaction 

The information below is no replacement for attending a first aid course where you will have the opportunity to practice your skills under the guidance of one of our qualified and experienced first aid instructors. 
Anaphylaxis sometimes called anaphylactic shock is a potentially life threatening allergic reaction, although not common people of all ages can be affected. 
The condition is life threatening but with prompt and effective care most people will make a full recovery however there are around 20 deaths each year due to anaphylaxis. 
Anaphylaxis is caused by a trigger such as bee stings, nuts or medicines causing rapid chemical changes in the body. Anaphylaxis is a condition caused by a problem with the bodys immune system over reacting to a 'trigger' 
People can be allergic to almost anything, but the most common 'triggers' for anaphylaxis are below; 
Insect stings - particularly wasp and bee stings 
Foods - such as milk, eggs or seafood 
Medicines - such as penicillin 
swelling of the mouth, tongue, face and neck 
difficulty in breathing 
red, blotchy and itchy skin 
Contact the emergency services by calling 999 or 112 
Encourage the casualty to use their medication if applicable (antihistamine or auto injector) 
Sit the casualty down (if responsive) 
Remove the trigger if possible 
Monitor the casualty (airway and breathing) 
Be prepared to carry out basic life support 
It is important that the casualty is seen by a qualified medical practitioner 
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